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We sell a large range of firewood logs which we can deliver direct to your home in the East Kent area - we'll even stack them for free wherever possible.


You can also buy bulk bags and nets of logs from the Vineyard garden centre, along with kindling and firelighters, and log stores made at our Wood Shack.


We are happy to advise new customers about the best type of logs for their needs. Our logs are sustainably sourced from Kent woodlands, air- or kiln-dried* by our suppliers, then processed and delivered to us.


Woodsure-accredited, our logs are guaranteed to be below 20% moisture content or less on delivery. In order for them to stay this dry, we advise that they are stored in a shed, garage or log store which isn't open to the elements.

All profits from the sale of logs are ploughed back into The Fifth Trust charity.

*We currently only have kiln-dried logs in stock.

Stack of freshly cut logs


Kiln-dried logs

Oak (0.65m³ bag)

Birch (0.65 bag)

Ash (0.65 bag)

Alder (0.65m³ bag)

Mixed (0.65 bag)

Oak (net/5x nets)

Birch (net/5x nets)

Mixed (net/5x nets)











4 x nets

8 x nets




Summer log promotion

Order and have delivered by 31st August to receive the following promotional offers:

Bulk bags

Alder £100 (£10 saving)

Birch £106 (£9 saving)

Buy two bags of Oak/Ash to recieve £10 off!

Delivery & Stacking 

Why struggle with heavy bulk loads? Let our team of staff and students from The Fifth Trust deliver logs to your door. We’ll even stack them for you for free wherever possible.

Delivery prices from CT4 6LN

Up to 7 miles   £10

7-15 miles       £15

15-20 miles     £20

Please note that for health and safety reasons and to ensure students can be closely supervised, stacking is only available in these circumstances:


  • The log store or pile must be outside, with external access only

  • Maximum distance of 20 metres from our van

  • Wheelbarrow accessible

  • If there is no driveway the van must be able to park directly outside on the same side of the road

  • No more than 1-2 shallow steps

If the type of wood you order is not available when we are due to deliver we will offer an alternative. We are committed to providing high quality products and service and ask that you contact us within 24 hours of delivery if you are not satisfied.


Card payment can be made when you place your order.

ORDER NOW ON 01227 831052

Select call option 2. Week days only. If our phone lines are busy, please email with your logs enquiry.

Please note, any cancellations once a payment has been processed will incur a £15 administration charge.

The Fifth Trust log delivery team posing in front of van
The Fifth Trust Charity logo

Registered charity number 1136718

Woodsure logo for logs with certificate no WS482/00001
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