The Vineyard Wood Shack

The Vineyard Wood Shack offers bespoke handmade, design and manufacturing service supporting the Fifth Trust Charity.

Handmade wooden products from the Vineyard Wood Shed

Welcome to the Vineyard Wood Shack

We are proud to be working in partnership with Canterbury City Council and Serco on a new and exciting sustainability scheme.

Occasionally, a tree must be felled in one of the Canterbury City Council owned parks or gardens. When this happens, a machine called a Woodmizer is used to cut and plank the large tree trunks into different thicknesses and sizes. At the Fifth Trust, the tree is crafted into wood furniture by skilled carpenters working alongside students in the day centre. Handmade items such as picnic tables and benches, or other bespoke products are created, giving the tree a new lease of life.

Picnic tables and benches that are made at The Fifth Trust are put back into the Canterbury City Council owned parks and gardens for members of the public to use and enjoy. This sustainability scheme is a great way to recycle wood that, until recently, has only had firewood value. Our involvement as a day centre is to create a new activity for the students who attend each day, as students are involved in the project from start to finish. Students are given the opportunity to work with the wood; sanding, staining, and then helping to deliver the product when completed. All profits received by the Fifth Trust are used to enhance the facilities offered to adults with learning disabilities and who attend each day.

The Vineyard Wood Shed, handmade wooden prpducts near Canterbury, Kent

Order our Woodwork Products

The furniture produced as a result of this sustainability scheme is now available to the public to order. Customers can come along to our workshop and speak to one of our skilled carpenters. Bespoke handcrafted items can also be requested, such as kitchen tables, benches, stools, garden furniture, chopping boards, and much more. Wood can also be sourced to meet your exact specifications and requirements and we are happy to discuss this with you either in person, over the phone, or via email.

We produce:

  • Log stores
  • Planters
  • Pagodas
  • Potting benches
  • Fencing
  • Boot stores
  • Bird tables/boxes
  • Animal hutches
  • Chopping blocks for kitchens

All our products are built to last because we only use good quality timber from our local timber merchant.

Creating opportunities for adults with learning disabilities.

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Working in partnership with
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