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We stock a large selection of pot grown 3 litre shrubs, roses, climbing plants and perennials. If we haven’t got the plant of your choice in stock we will do our very best to locate it quickly and at the best price.

Latest Plant Stocks at the Vineyard Garden Centre near Canterbury

Get Ready for Summer

We've got great ranges of summer plants, bedding plants, patio plants, hanging baskets, veg plants and more.

Bedding plants offer, £3.50 per pack or 4 for £12.00.
Bedding plants offer, £3.50 per pack or 4 for £12.00.
Patio plants from £1.75 each.
Patio plants £1.75 each.

New Spring Stock

We are looking forward to seeing spring 2019 and getting back out into the greenhouse and garden once again. This year we have invested in a new propagation area which will enable us to grow more stock, increase our range and keep our prices low. We will be busy in January sowing seeds and potting up lots of herbaceous plants in 3 litre pots, come the end of February we will have a wide range of shrubs and herbaceous available. New varieties and a quality to match. Our plants are potted by students from the Fifth Trust which to some of us is a relatively easy task but to some of our students potting plants is a challenge but very rewarding.

Vegetable plants from April.

In April we sell the full selection of spring and summer vegetable plants so look no further than the Vineyard garden centre this year when you are thinking of filling up your vegetable planters or garden. We have bags of farm yard manure @ £4.99 each or 3 for £12 which is sterilised to stop the weeds, this is ideal to dig in the garden during early January and February to enrich the soil and give it back some nutrients before the planting season.

Vegetable plants to buy near Canterbury and Folkestone

Bedding plants

From the end of April we have bedding plants and patio plants galore, the garden centre is full of colour. We grow and stock a great selection of pack bedding plants and patio plants at really good prices, the bedding plants are great to plant up in pots, hanging baskets or straight into the garden. Patio plants are becoming very popular they make a great floral show particularly when planted in hanging baskets.

Garden Centre Bedding plants near Canterbury and Folkestone

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